Ebay – The New Seller Performance Standards.

As much as I would love to sing praises for eBay I cannot and will not do so, over the past year or so eBay have really targeted the buyer audience and made it a “safer” place for customers to shop, but where has that left the sellers?

The newly introduced seller performance standards are nothing but a comedy act, not only can customers leave a mark on your overall rating for daft reasons such as late delivery (Something which we as sellers have no control over!) but as sellers there’s almost nothing that we can do about it, talking to customer service reps get you no where as your presented with the same generic answers such as “Oh I am sorry to hear that but tuff…deal with it.”

I for one will be moving away from eBay and focusing more on my website and Amazon account as I’ve seen many other sellers do, I’m not saying eBay shouldn’t protect thier buyers but they certainly be treating the sellers like doormats, at this rate the number of sellers on eBay are seriously going to decline.

I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this matter, maybe you would want to share your horror stories or even positive outcomes of this new seller standard,


Icyjewels is back & The future is bright!

Good evening to all our followers and newcomers!

Firstly i’d like to apologies for the lack of posts on our social media outlets, our website has been down for a few months due to personal reasons so we were only functioning on eBay and Amazon, unfortunately due to differences we parted ways with our old eCommerce host and opted with another provider.

Due to this reason we started to build icyjewels from the group up, from writing up new product descriptions to uploading each of our products one by one.

We are still in the process of uploading or products and updating some of the pages but the website is up and functioning and you can still place orders for the products that we currently have uploaded, i’ll keep everyone updated with the situation and i’d like to thank everyone for their continuous support! The future is bright!

Keeping motivated in the business world – self business

Well all have them days were we simply feel like we just cannot carry on any longer, no matter how mentally strong someone is everyone will have their down times what’s important is picking ourselves up and pushing right back at life!

Hopefully these little tips will be as much of use as they are to me, at the end of the day what’s the point of having information if you cannot share it!

1. Firstly the main thing I can advise is take yourself away from the problem, the worst thing you can possibly do is stress yourself about something and still be sitting their trying to deal with it. Take a break, relax have a nice warm shower and come back to it when you have a more calm and relaxed mindset. Not only will you have a clearer and calmer mindset but you will also observe the situation in a more positive manner. 

2. My second little tip I do in order to relax myself is going to the gym. Physical activities are perfect way to relieve stress. As the Greeks used to say a healthy mind needs to be complimented with a healthy body.  When taking up physical activities the body release s positive enzymes to the brain which give you a much more positive and healthy mindset.

3. Set yourself a timetable! I cannot stress out important this is, if you have your own business you have to make sure you do not bring your work home or become constantly stuck to your chair answering emails and packaging orders until you end up falling asleep on your keyboard. It conflicts with your social & family life and you’ll constantly be under stress, just don’t do it!

4. The motto always is “the customer is always right” although I agree with this to a certain extent there will always be a rotten apple out of the bunch. Some customers are hard to deal with but don’t let that discourage you, keep a brave face on, smile and move forward, at the end of the day getting upset, angry or frustrated  will not solve the situation, hardship and struggle is a part of business and something that all of us business owners need to overcome.

5.consistency. This single word is so important when it comes down to business. It is easy to become lazy and not put in as much effort but one thing I have personally learned throughout my life is that nothing comes free and the same rule applies in the business world. Regular advertisement on social media websites, forums and blogs will improve your ranks in Google but it does require regular consistency, if you are consistent I can promise you all your hard work us guaranteed to pay off.

Hopefully some of you can use this information to your advantage and I hope that it works for all of you as much as it has for me.

If I have missed out of certain points do let me know and I would love to hear what keeps you men and women motivated and positive during hard times and what methods you tend to implement in order to have more of a positive outlook.

Thank you in advance!
Icy jewels


Weekend promotion – Free delivery within the UK!

The weekend is coming up and finally we have a chance to kick our feet up and relax..we have been working hard during this week taking new pictures and sorting out new stock which we will be putting up very soon so do keep an eye on our blog posts and social media sites for more information in the next couple of days. As a kind gesture for everyone who has supported us in our development and growth we are offering everyone who registers on our website (www.icyjewels.com) free delivery within the UK, this promotional code can be used with our other current discount codes so no need to worry!

As stated this offer will remain active until Sunday night so don’t miss out!

Again i’d personally like to everyone for there support!

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New Mens And Women’s Leather And Stainless Steel Watches In Stock!

Good evening dear readers and thanks in advance for viewing another blog from us at Icyjewels!

We know how important it is to keep stock updated with the latest trends and fashion accessories of the season so we take alot of time out in order to do some market research on products. The perfect business in my humble opinion is when both the business owner and the customer are able to communicate and express their views on the transition aswell as other factors such as the company as a whole or specific products.

Good or bad feedback is always good due to the fact that it allows the company to grow and improve, if no feedback was given then how would any improvements ever be implemented?

Getting back on track with the topic at hand, I would be highly grateful for any comments, suggestions and general feedback from the community as it will greatly help our cause and more importantly we will be able to make improvements and changes with the information we receive.

Our latest products we just received today are a few men’s and women’s watches we are still testing the waters with these products but I am sure the watches will turn a few heads and hopefully (fingers crossed) will interest a few intentional customers. I will have the pictures linked within the blog, item specifics will be written down on our website so do check out our section for Men’s & Women’s Watches

We will also be running some discounts in the next week or two so do follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to be ahead of the game! Our current free delivery and 10% discount promotional codes are still up and running so be sure to cash in on that opportunity, more information can be found on our website in our Icyjewels promotional codes section!

Again thank you very much for your time and interest and I hope to see you all in the next blog!



Inclusive Discount On Our Shamballa Jewellery Collection!

Receive 10% off our shamballa jewellery collection on your first order, also we are offering free first class shipping on all orders over £10!

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A quick introduction from me at Icyjewels! (UK based Jewellery retailer)

First of all thank you all very much for taking time out to read this blog, it’s been quite a while since I have actually brought my inner writer back to life! Since this is my first blog on wordpress I would like to briefly explain my purpose here as well as my aim.

I am currently the owner of the company “Icyjewels” or also known as “IcyjewelsUK” on some social media websites such as Facebook and twitter. We currently specialize in men’s and women’s costume jewellery but we have a range of other products such as watches, scarves and other accessories, i’ll have some of our products linked in this post just to give you a brief idea on what sort of products you can expect from us.

I am usually on most social media websites daily to make sure I can connect with the audience and potential customers, at the end of the day if you cannot prove to your audience that your company is trustworthy above everything else then who will actually shop at your store?

If there is information that I have missed out or if you would simply like to receive more information on a topic discussed today feel free to leave me a comment or message me directly I’d be happy to help!

Check out our wide range of Men’s & Women’s Costume Jewellery & Accessories today!

Kind Regards